Focus Gallery- “Carrying Coca: 1,500 Years of Andean Chuspas”

Carrying Coca: 1,500 Years of Andean Chuspas considers how two components of Andean life—coca leaves and hand-woven textiles—are brought together in the small bag called a chuspa and examines this traditional object in changing cultural and economic contexts. Curated by Nicola Sharratt, this groundbreaking exhibition highlights the tension between tradition and innovation surrounding these socially important woven objects by presenting chuspas not as representations of a static, indigenous heritage but as the embodiment of social and economic change.   Click here to learn more!

News – “Google’s Art Project”

– This is a new way to explore museums around the world and view hundreds of art works. Visit museums listed or find individual art objects from the National Gallery and Tate in London to the the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. View the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdan to the Metropolitan Museum and MOMA in New York City. It’s amazing! Go to Art Project.

Archaeological Institute of America

Important Future Dates: Visit The Archaeological Institute of America for ongoing archaeological news and make your plans to join us for the forthcoming Annual Meetings.

  • January 02-05, 2014 115th Annual Meeting, Chicago, IL
  • January 08-11, 2015 116th Annual Meeting, New Orleans, LA