February 2016: Early Platform Mounds of the Lower Mississippi Valley


Feb 28, 2016, at 3pm

Early Platform Mounds of the Lower Mississippi Valley

Dr. Megan Kassabaum

The Lower Mississippi Valley is among the richest archaeological regions on the continent. Home to thousands of earthern mounds, it contains both the oldest and some of the most elaborate monumental architecture in North America. The Coles Creek culture (AD 700–1000) existed during a particularly dynamic period in Lower Mississippi Valley history, when the construction of platform mounds became common place, people first began relying on domesticated plants, and a hierarchical sociopolitical system began to develop. The archaeological investigation of two Coles Creek mound sites in southwestern Mississippi has shed light on the nature of these transitions. In particular, this talk will focus on the role that mounds played in the lives of the people who constructed and used them.

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