December 2017: Dr. Larissa Bonafante: Nursing Mothers in Ancient Italy

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Sunday, December 3, 2017                                                              The Lynda Nilsen Memorial Lecture

Dr. Larissa Bonafante

Professor of Classics Emerita, New York University

Nursing Mothers in Ancient Italy

The image of the woman and child is so familiar to us in Western art from representations of the Virgin Mary with the Christ child that we tend to take for granted its interpretation as a universal symbol of maternity, and of the close physical and emotional bond between mother and child. But the motif was not universal. In antiquity images of nursing mothers were absent in classical art in Athens and elsewhere in mainland Greece, while they were abundant in Italy, in the Etruscan cities, as well as the Greek cities of Magna Graecia and Sicily. The lecture will consider possible reasons for this situation.


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