March 2014: Dr. Bridget Buxton In Search of the Age of Titans: Recent underwater discoveries in northern Israel


Recent archaeological explorations by the Maritime Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority in and around the ancient port of Akko (Acre-Ptolemais) are bringing us closer to the elusive goal of capturing a ‘big ship’, learning the long-lost secrets of their design, and understanding the critical role they played in the Great Power contests of the Hellenistic Age.

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May 2014: Dr. Sarah Nelson, The Gold Crowns of Silla (Korea) and the Tomb of a Queen


Crowns, gold, and tradition in the ancient Korean kingdom of Silla!

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May 2013: Dr. Justin McDaniel, A Day of Buddhist Art, Community & Learning


An engaging afternoon of Buddhist Art for learners of all ages

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March 2013: Dr. Tom Rocek, ‘From the Jordon to the Jornada, The Origin of Village Life in the Old World and the New’


A comparison of the development of farming villages in New Mexico in the first millennium AD with parallel developments in the Middle East ten millennia earlier.

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December 2012: Dr. Bryan R. Just, ‘Dancing into Dreams: Maya Vase Painting of the Ik’ Kingdom’


Ik’-kingdom vases are among the finest ever produced by the ancient Maya, acknowledged particularly for their naturalistic color, veristic portraiture, skillful rendition of graceful movement, and elegantly fluid, calligraphic line.

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November 2012: Dr. Sarah Jarmer Scott, ‘Tiny Portraits: Seals and Identity in the Ancient World’


An examination of the use of seals from the pre-literate periods through the Bronze Age in Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Aegean, and the Indus Valley highlighting the dynamic nature of these objects and the residual artifact assemblage they left in their wake.

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January 2013: Sara Becker, ‘Working Hard or Hardly Working? A Bioarchaeological Perspective on Labor within the Andean Tiwanaku State (AD 500-1100)’


An examination of the Tiwanaku State (Peru) that attempts to answer questions about what people were doing within the state and at whose authority activities took place, subjects important for archaeological studies of labor within emerging state-level societies.

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Archaeology Fair 2011


Children participate in the DigIt mock excavation at the 2011 Archaeology Fair

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