December 2015: Knowledge in Art and its Corruption: The Perils of Forgery and Plunder in the 21st Century

jeff taylor

Learn about the perils of forgery in Archaeology and Art History!

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January 2016: Pergamon and the Art of the Hellenistic Kingdoms: A Preview


Get a special preview of the upcoming exhibit of Hellenistic Art at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

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February 2016: Early Platform Mounds of the Lower Mississippi Valley


Discover the important role played by the ancient mounds of the Mississippian Culture!

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April 2016: Basques: the Un-sung Whalers of the Northwest Atlantic


Discover the story of the 16th century whalers along the Labrador coast!

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January 2015: Mr. Robert Bunkin, Behind the Scenes: Developing an Exhibition at the Staten Island Museum

Staten Island Museum, Building A at Snug Harbor
Ralph Appelbaum Associates Inc.

Treat yourself to a behind-the-scenes look at the new Staten Island Museum!

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February 2015: Ms. Meg Ventrudo, Tibetan Achitecture, Stupas and Mandalas


Learn about the power of architecture in the Buddhist tradition

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March 2015: Dr. Lauren Kilroy, Noble Organ and Grotesque Idol: The Sacred Heart of Jesus in Colonial Mexico


Learn about the power of imagery over time in Novohispanic culture

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April 2015: Dr. Chap Kusimba, Trade and Civilization in Medieval East Africa


Discover the link between globalism and the role of the merchant in Medieval East Africa

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May 2015: Dr. April Beisaw, Seeing Native American Women’s Response to Colonialism in the Archaeological Record


A fascinating alternative interpretation to archaeological and textual records in the Suquehannock tradition

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