September 2015: Queen Pu-Abi of Ur: A Love Story

Flapper Pu-Abi

Sunday, Sept 20, 2015 at 3pm

The Dr. George G. Hackman Memorial Lecture

Queen Pu-Abi of Ur: A Love Story

Dr. Paul Zimmerman

In January 1928 Leonard Woolley, excavating at the site of Ur in Iraq, announced one of the most spectacular archaeological finds of all time: the tomb of Queen Pu-Abi. Dressed in gold and carnelian and accompanied to her grave by a retinue of attendants, the burial was an elaborate and expensive affair, and its discovery made international headlines. But Woolley wrote, too, of a touchingly human side to this Mesopotamian Queen: her tomb was carefully arranged next to that of her husband. Though the king’s identity was never determined, Woolley was sure that the two tombs showed a devotion that transcended their mortal lives. Recent studies led by archaeologists at the University of Pennsylvania Museum permit us to re-examine the materials from the Royal Cemetery of Ur and propose answers to the questions that Woolley posed. Who was Pu-Abi? How did her attendants die? Who was her king?

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